Photographs are matted to the next size up: i.e., 11"x14" is matted to 16" x20". Let us frame it.

We offer all the images seen on this web site as matted archival quality, limited edition photographs ready to frame.*  All photographs come with an unconditional warranty of satisfaction.** Editions vary from 125  for 8"x10" to 50 or 150 for each larger size.  All are signed and numbered by the artist.

To purchase an image, click on its thumbnail from a gallery page and click on "purchase image."  You can purchase an image as a Limited Edition Photograph or as a: Decor Prints / Framed Prints 

All landscape  images are photographed with large format cameras and lenses to assure the highest degree of detail and tonality.  Although very often more laborious, large format cameras yield negatives and transparencies unparalleled for printing purposes.  Floral and abstract images are created with a variety of camera professional systems both film and digital.

*All limited edition photographs are printed by the artist. Images are printed on Epson 9800 wide format printer using archival pigment  inks.  They are guaranteed against fading for 100 years when properly displayed.  (Paper prints need to be displayed under glass away from direct sunlight or fluorescent light.  Canvas prints need to be displayed away from direct sunlight or fluorescent light.  Relative humidity should be 50% or less for all prints.  Exposure to cigarette, cooking or other fumes will adversely affect any print.)

**The photographic print you receive must meet your satisfaction or we will refund your money within the first 30 days.  All we ask is that the photographic print be returned in the condition it was received.

We have attempted to closely match the images seen here electronically with the final photographic image, however due to inherent differences between mediums, slight discrepancies may appear (please note;  exclusively to the favor of the photographic image.)

^^Approximate image size.  Some images are cropped on one dimension for compositional purposes, i.e. 8x14 or 13x20.

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